In 1712(Shotoku era), our company started making alcoholic beverages by brewing water from [Sakuragawa] spring. The source of this water is located at the border between Osaka and Kyoto at the Mount Shakagatake (height: 512m), in the Hokusetsu area.

To fit today's needs, the company shifted focus to the production of mineral water and soft drinks. Our asset to create those unique products is our high quality foam, produced thanks to the famous mineral water that remained unchanged for more than 300 years, and thanks to our independently developed technique. Moreover, as NOSESYUZO is an OEM, we are also developing original products.

Even though we are enjoying the benefits of the natural water, we do not forget our feelings of gratitude towards the nature. We are always keeping in mind our natural environment.

For the environmental protection, etc. of our company-owned forest, we are carrying out different activities such as: garbage reduction, preservation of undeveloped woodland near pulated areas, composting of used tea leaves, popularization of reusable bottles, etc.